My must have exercise and fat burning equipment #3

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My next must have piece of equipment in my quest to lose weight (fat) is a quality Body fat Monitor. As we all know by now it is not so much our weight, but our body fat than can do the real damage and our goal is really to lose body fat not necessarily weight.

Tanita TBF-531So how do we know where we stand with weight versus body fat? With a good Body Fat Monitor – in my case I have a Tanita TBF-531 Body Fat Monitor suitable for families as it can be programmed for up to 4 people. Tanita re to Body Fat Monitors what Polar are to Heart Rate Monitors – simply the best!

How does it work?
The monitor uses a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, which basically involves passing a very low, safe electrical current through the body. The current meets resistance when it passes through fat tissue, and in this way the monitor can accurately measure the body fat percentage.

In order for the monitor to do this, you need to stand on the scale with clean, dry bare feet.

You will need to programme the monitor first with your height, sex and select Adult or Child settings, but this is very simple and easy to do. When you first turn the monitor on you must wait for a zero to show, then you can stand on the monitor in dry bare feet, placing your heels on the centres of the lower electrodes. The monitor will display your weight first and then your percentage of body fat. When you step off, the monitor resets itself.

Readings may be less accurate when the Body Fat Monitor is used by children, pregnant women, patients on dialysis and people suffering from oedema. Nor is it suitable for use by professional athletes. People with medical devices implanted (e.g. pacemakers) should NOT use the Monitor.

The Monitor runs on 4 AA batteries, which are easy to insert. I would advise keeping your Monitor out of the bathroom, as you should not get it wet.

The Body Fat Monitor comes with some useful booklets on nutrition and exercise. It is a pricey piece of equipment, but extremely accurate and reliable in most cases.

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Kieran has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the past 12 years and has recently ventured down the paleo lifestyle path, while still retaining his interests in surfing and karate.

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