Growing list of ‘superfruits’ pack a nutritional wallop

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(ARA) – Powering up your diet with superfruit-rich dishes can be easier than you think. The superfruit title is no longer reserved for berries — nutritionists now include other antioxidant- and vitamin-rich juicy gems on the superfruit list, such as peaches, mangos and oranges.

Thanks to the superfruit trend, exotic fruits such as acai, goji, pomegranates and mangos have moved into the mainstream. Even familiar fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and cranberries also make the powerful superfruit list. The long list of superfruits and all their health benefits can be confusing so you may be left asking, what makes these fruits so “super?”

superfruitsSuperfruits are naturally abundant in antioxidants, which help prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals our bodies produce when exposed to everyday toxins, research shows. By increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich superfruit you can arm the body’s line of defense to prevent pathways for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases.

Any fruit is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By choosing a serving of superfruit you will also be amping up your body’s defense system.

Superfruits can still flex their antioxidant muscles when used in recipes or blended with other juices. Superfruits are increasing in popularity and now appear in bottled water, granola, powders and energy bars. Packaged fruits are a healthy, convenient solution to keep in your refrigerator and simply take with you on the go. Del Monte’s new SuperFruit snack cups contain familiar fruit chunks and also include a blend of superfruit juices including pomegranate, acai and mango.

“An added benefit of the already peeled and sliced fruit is that there is no waste, and no wasted time. It’s a healthy and convenient snack to have on hand during a busy day,” says registered dietician Laura Molseed Ali, who holds a master’s of science, and is a licensed dietician/nutritionist and Del Monte Foods’ resident dietitian.

Another product, POM Wonderful, has made tackling the hard-to-eat pomegranate easy with tasty pomegranate and tea juice blends. The small yet powerful acai berry is still useful in energy drinks and protein bars, and is also sold in a powder extract as a vitamin supplements.

Make your everyday meals something super with easy superfruit dishes.

Berry breakfast

  • Blueberries: are No. 1 in total antioxidant power and are full of disease-fighting and anti-aging qualities. They are a perfect addition to yogurt.
  • Strawberries: Full of essential nutrients and low in calories, they are a quick and nutritious snack for both kids and adults, and are perfect on waffles instead of syrup.

Sweet snacks

  • Peaches: Packed with potassium essential for proper functioning of the body’s cells and maintaining a healthy metabolism, peaches are an excellent source of vitamin A, C and beta carotene. Peaches are great mixed in protein-rich cottage cheese.
  • Bananas: Containing a high dose of potassium which is essential to keep your heart and nervous system in good shape, bananas are also one of the highest sources of naturally available vitamin B6.

Power-up dinners

  • Cranberries: One of the original superfruits, cranberries are rich in important nutrients such as vitamin C, beta carotene and fiber and are linked to helping reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Cranberries are a perfect component to a sauce to go with pork or chicken.
  • Mango: A relatively new-on-the-scene superfruit, nutritionists have added this sweet tropical delight to the list because of its high concentration of vitamin A and C which are important for normal growth and development. Mango and pineapple slices skewered with beef or shrimp and tossed on the grill can give a taste of the tropics.

Maintaining a diet rich in healthy and nutritional superfruits is easier than you think. Superfruits’ vitamin rich, antioxidant power will help rejuvenate the body and the mind. For more healthy tips visit

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